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About me

Thank you for stopping by. My background is in tech. I was a software engineer and then became a product manager in a tech company in Silicon Valley. My journey in real estate started with me buying investment properties, building Tiny house and do AirB&B projects. My passion for real estate and helping friends and family to buy the right property made me to pursue the real estate beyond friends and families. Let's talk and address your real estate's needs

Soraya Siahpolo
Phone: (408) 603-9519
Office: (408) 574-5000
San Jose - Silver Creek

Let's buy 

Soraya Got talent. Add creativity to your listing and draw attention. Let me draw attention by creating fun videos and put it online. Social media is a powerful tool in today's advertising and plus it's fun ;)

Can you tell how many people are in this video?

Let's build a Tiny house

Happy Clients, Happy Realtor

I've been told I was born to be a realtor. The more I do, the more I feel belong to it. Being part of a very important decision people made in their life is extremely rewarding

Let's List and sell

I was always fascinated by  tiny living so I made one with only 130 Sqft. This unit has all you think, with a laundry in a separate laundry room. All private, all cozy with forever Christmas theme. With a team of construction and builders, I can help you achieve your ADU goals, from permit to implementing.

How to contact me? I got you covered in many ways
Phone: (408) 603-9519
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5609 Silver Creek Valley Rd, San Jose, CA 95138
(408) 603-9519
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Introverts okay to send smoke signals
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